The Most Interesting Cooking Classes In Hoi An

Behind every delicious Hoi An dish is an equally fascinating story. Industrious farmers, hardworking shopkeepers, passionate chefs, and so many others are an important part of Quang’s cuisine. Half-day cooking classes in Hoi An will let you taste the local flavors, and reveal a lot about the places and stories surrounding each of these dishes. Here are three cooking classes worth trying in Hoi An.

Cooking Classes In Hoi An

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1. For families and health-conscious diners: Cam An Village in Hoi An

If you enjoy gardening and farming, you will love the cooking class in Cam An village. This is an opportunity for you to see, touch and feel the aroma and delicious taste of vegetables and fruits raised by the tropical climate and fertile soil in Hoi An. More than 50 kinds of plants, including Jasmine, Butterfly Pea Flower, Mint, Pandan Leaf, Chili, etc., are nurtured in the organic garden in Cam An village.

Cam An Village Hoi An

The class begins with a cup of herbal tea and a stroll around the garden to select ingredients for cooking. Ms. Hang, a nutritionist, and an organic farmer, will share the benefits and uses of each vegetable. You will pick herbs, flowers, and mussels yourself, and harvest vegetables to bring home for processing.

Cam An Village Hoi An

When the basket is filled with fresh vegetables, a local chef will guide you through the cooking process. Whether old or young, diners will enjoy steaming noodles in a wood-fired oven, listening to the crackling sound of pancakes in the pan, or mincing garlic and chili to make the dipping sauce. When finished, enjoy your work with other local dishes for a filling lunch.

TIP: Cam An Village has lovely chef’s aprons and hats, notebooks for you to take notes, and certificates for all students.

2. For Beginners: Red Bridge in Hoi An

Renowned as one of the top cooking hubs in Hoi An, the half-day class at Red Bridge begins with a tour of the historic Hoi An market. Also, visit the shops selling fresh cinnamon and coconut, peek through the busy vegetable and fish stalls, and learn more about cooking utensils at the dry goods stalls in the market.

 Red Bridge Hoi An

From the market, the schedule will take you on a wooden boat to go along the Thu Bon River to see the scenery to come to the Red Bridge cooking school. You will have time to walk around the gardens here, admire and sniff the herbs used in many familiar dishes. When it’s time for class, a seasoned chef will help you practice step-by-step cooking each dish.

Red Bridge Hoi An

The class at Red Bridge will show you how to make classic dipping sauces, how to make fresh noodles, and how to cook local specialties like Quang noodles. It’s easy to learn step-by-step, and the printed recipe sheet will help you measure ingredients more accurately. When finished cooking, you will enjoy the dish you have just finished in the school’s green garden restaurant.

Red Bridge Hoi An

TIP: Red Bridge offers half-day, one-day, or evening cooking classes for visitors looking to delve deeper into local cuisine.

3. For tourists who love nature and the environment: LEMON BASIL COOKERY

If you want to see how vegetables in Hoi An are grown and sold, this LEMON BASIL COOKERY cooking class will bring you back to the countryside to experience Hoi An cuisine in its own right. The itinerary begins at Cam Chau market, a colorful rural market with a variety of agricultural products from the fields and vegetable gardens nearby.


Explore the markets with buckets of fresh fish, baskets of fruit of all colors and sizes, baskets of freshly picked herbs, and a variety of other unique local ingredients. A tram ride will take you to Tra Que organic vegetable garden, where farmers will explain how to grow eco-friendly crops here, and help you choose the best ingredients in the garden.

Tra Que Hoi An
Tra Que in Hoi An

After the visit to the vegetable garden, let’s board a basket boat floating along the calm canal, through the nipa forest with herds of hard-working visits, and stop at The Field restaurant. Here, you will learn how to cook delicious Vietnamese dishes in an open space in the middle of rice fields. Enjoy mincing, slicing, frying, and stir-frying under the guidance of local chefs, and enjoy your own hand-made dishes amidst the poetic scenery of the day.