Experience Hoi An Memories Show and Hoi An Impressive Cultural Park

Explore the ancient town and village with more than 400 years of history when you have the opportunity to come to Hoi An and Hoi An Impressionist Park and admire the golden and heroic time of Hoi An ancient town, the park is divided into sections. different areas, recreating the ancient culture and architecture of Hoi An
Take part in the world’s largest outdoor show featuring over 500 performers, a unique combination of music, scene, and dance in a life-reimagined performing arts program with daily stories, the beauty of labor as well as the unique culture and architecture of our country.
Enjoy the fishermen’s skillful basket dance performances as you take a basket boat tour of the seven-acre coconut forest and learn about the daily lives of the locals

Hoi An Memories Show

Why should you watch Hoi An Memories show?

This is an outdoor performance program that combines music, dancers, and real-life performance of memories. Shows the history of more than 400 years of the port land that used to be very busy in the central region of Vietnam since the 19th century. The show was staged very well, from the scene, and the stage to the cast of artists and dancers. employs up to 500 people. All make vivid and emotional Hoi An Memories.

The show attracts hundreds of visitors every night and is one of the most impressive shows. If you’re going to have a trip through Hoi An, don’t miss a visit to Hoi An Impressionist Park and this real-life show.

What’s special about Hoi An Memories Show?

Hoi An Memories is an outdoor show with bold ethnic and human nuances in Hoi An town. You will be completely amazed by Vietnam’s largest art show with more than 500 artists performing on an outdoor stage in traditional Ao Dai costumes and modern staging techniques. The scene of Hoi An Memories is staged with the common language of music, a harmonious combination of sound, light, dance, and melodies.

In addition, you can arrive earlier if you have an entrance ticket to Hoi An Impression Park and visit the park 1 hour before the show starts. Travel back in time as you explore the traditionally themed village representing the port town’s 400-year history. Learn and know more about the deep spiritual connection of the Vietnamese people when you visit the pagodas, temples, and shrines inside the spiritual section of the park.

Fall in love with the delicate and traditional Ao Dai costumes in the historical context of more than 400 years

Learn about the trade of goods in the busiest port town of the 19th century of our country with Asian and Western countries through the reenactment context at Hoi An Impression Park

Explore a traditionally themed village where you can experience what happened in Hoi An 4 centuries ago

Instructions on how to travel and when to visit Hoi An Impression Park

  • Time: 05:00 pm-10:00 pm (from Wednesday to Monday)
  • From the old town, there are two ways to get to the park:
  • Walk over Cam Nam bridge – to 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong turn left to see the bridge leading to Impression Hoi An. There is a tram to pick up passengers, but you can also walk across to see the peaceful Hoai River at sunset.
    Note: To 159 Nguyen Tri Phuong is the sign indicating the entrance to the park. Maybe here the regulations on signs are tight, so the size is a bit small, you need to pay attention to see it
  • Boat ride (120,000 VND/pax): From 59 Tran Quang Khai, there is a boat (30 seats) to take guests to the park. There are 3, and 4 boats that regularly operate to pick up guests, but after 05:00 pm the number of guests is quite crowded so you will often have to wait for your turn.
    Note: The boat picks up passengers at 59 Tran Quang Khai from 5 pm daily and travel time is about 5 minutes

Visitors can come to the park from 5 pm to come to a vibrant welcome called “Hoi An World”. Walk around the city gate, find out the locations in the park on the map for convenient transportation as well as check in before going inside.

Enjoy games and cultural activities before watching the minishow

  1. On the left is the family play area, which often organizes games for the family to go together such as cooking contests, painting contests, and activity games for children. If you are traveling with your family and have young children, this will be a corner not to be missed to make your trip more interesting and meaningful.

2. On the right is the Vietnamese village, introducing the typical cultural features of Hoi An such as ancient house architecture, cuisine, and singing hut. If you can’t come to see the song hut in the Old Quarter at the weekend, Hoi An Impressionist Park will help you discover this unique art. In the Vietnamese village, there are also enough typical Hoi An dishes with rustic architecture, giving visitors the most authentic feel of the old Hoi An restaurants.

3. The Old Quarter is the middle street, designed to simulate the highlights of Hoi An Ancient Town. Traditional stalls such as weaving, pottery, painting… even Quan Am Temple. Of course, visitors can also enjoy delicious teas in this old town before enjoying the mini-shows.

Discover exciting mini-shows at Hoi An Impression Park here:

  • Hoi An World
  • Tiger fighting camp
  • The love story of Lady Tam Tang
  • Lord Nguyen Recruits General
  • Yosakoi dance
  • Happy forest
  • Princess Ngoc Hoa’s wedding
  • Hoi An Memories Show

Take pictures of beautiful corners in the park, and enjoy the food.

At the end of the minishow, it’s time for you to visit other spots in the park and enjoy the food.

Hoi An Impressionist Park is not too big, but any corner has interesting things waiting for you.

Beautiful shooting angles that you can’t miss

  • The beginning of the old town: here is recreated as a miniature Hoi An old town, full of shops and the typical lantern of Hoi An.
  • The bridges in the park: The Five Colors Bridge (end of the old town), the Japanese bridge, the moon bridge, and the love bridge are beautiful photo spots.
  • The hill of light grass, the fishing corner for those who love tranquility, the beautiful architecture lotus flower house, and traditional product display booths with creative designs… are also beautiful spots for you to take selfies…
  • Food: There are 3 main food courts in the park that you must try when coming to Hoi An Impression Park.

The outermost is located in the old town that is always bustling and vibrant with a cute invitation is a fast food area, with attractive tea and grilled dishes. The next area is a Vietnamese village, where you can choose all the famous dishes of Hoi An here. From the main stage, passing the “Japanese Bridge” is a Chinese and Japanese culinary village with a rich menu that is very popular with young people.