Hoi An 1-day tour is an interesting experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. As an ancient city located in the lower Thu Bon River, in the territory of Quang Nam province, Hoi An not only captivates people with its beautiful landscapes but also its cultural, historical, and culinary features unique. If you still don’t know how to start exploring Hoi An enough, don’t miss the 1-day old town tour schedule below!

The Hoi An Old Town entrance ticket costs only 120,000 VND (5 USD) per person. So it’s a relatively low cost to visit the Old Town and its monuments. There are 5 sight-seeing-places which you could visit. 

The conductor will cut a box in your ticket when you visit places such as Phung Hung ancient house, Tan Ky ancient house, Cantonese Assembly Hall, the Japanese pagoda, etc.

But they have a promotion, you only pay half (~2.5 USD) from now to the end of this year (2022)


1. Morning: Breakfast – Cafe – walk through the guild halls

7:00-8:00 a.m: First you have to buy a ticket to visit the Old Town (remember to keep the ticket carefully, because you will return to Hoi An in the evening)

In the morning in Hoi An, there are indeed many delicious dishes, but the most famous one that you should try is Banh Mi. 

Many visitors when reviewing Hoi An do not forget to mention Vietnamese bread with a special taste that is unmistakable. You can choose for yourself a loaf of kebabs, Pork Sausage bread, or a portion of mixed bread with a super delicious glass of corn milk, they also serve vegan versions for vegetarians.

Banh Mi Hoi An
Banh Mi Hoi An

8:00 am-9:00 am: Enjoy morning coffee

Experience the cool riverside cafe culture with cups of coffee, the cool morning breeze, and the quiet atmosphere of Hoi An. Sipping a cup of coffee and watching the peaceful Hoai River flow will make your spirit wonderfully charged with positive energy and ready to explore the beautiful Hoi An tourist attractions.

Some excellent view cafes in Hoi An:

  • Hoi An Roastery – 135 Tran Phu
  • Faifo Coffee – No. 130 Tran Phu
  • Hoi An – 150 Tran Phu
  • Cocobox – 94 Le Loi
  • The Chef – 166 Tran Phu
  • Cocobana – 16 Nguyen Thai Hoc
  • U Café – 120 Huyen Tran Princess
  • Hoi An Bread Break – 68 Nguyen Thai Hoc
  • Rosie’s Café – 8/6 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
  • …………………….
Coffee in Hoi An
Coffee in Hoi An

9:15 – 11:30 am: Guangdong Assembly Hall, Phung Hung ancient house, Tan Ky ancient house

Guangdong Assembly Hall

Address: 176 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province.

Opening hours: 6:00 am – 5:30 pm

Guangdong Assembly Hall is also known as Quang Trieu. There is the church of Quan Cong inside – a famous Chinese general. According to the beliefs of the Chinese people, the position bearing the six words “middle, righteous, trustful, wise, human, brave” will be the god of “luck” to help their business run smoothly.

This place is considered a very important religious and spiritual place for traders and a place for community activities, compatriots, and helping each other in life and business.

Guangdong Assembly Hall at Hoi An
Guangdong Assembly Hall

Phung Hung ancient house

Address: 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Opening hours: 6:00 am – 5:30 pm

Made from many kinds of precious wood, the house also preserves many valuable relics, Phung Hung ancient house is known as the beauty of typical oriental architecture or Sa Huynh museum – where many artifacts and relics are kept. archeology only…

Phung Hung ancient house at Hoi An
Phung Hung ancient house

Tan Ky ancient house

Address: 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Opening hours: 6:00 am – 5:30 pm

Tan Ky ancient house is the first old house to be honored as a National Heritage, considered a “living museum” keeping almost intact the typical architecture of ancient Hoi An ancient houses.

Tan Ky ancient house has a long history and is the living place of 7 generations of the Le family. This most beautiful ancient house in Hoi An is the “hottest” check-in place in Hoi An, always attracting thousands of tourists to admire the architecture and culture and listen to the impressive presentation of the impressive Tan Ky ancient house…

Tan Ky ancient house at Hoi An
Tan Ky ancient house

2. Lunch: Lunch – enjoy the sea breeze – snack

12:00 p.m -02:45 p.m: After visiting Hoi An tourist site in the morning, you can have lunch and enjoy some specialties of the old town. One of the dishes that should not be missed when coming to Hoi An is Ba Buoi’s chicken rice, enjoy lunch and then move to An Bang beach to enjoy the wind.

Ba Buoi's chicken rice at Hoi An
Ba Buoi’s chicken rice

Visiting Hoi An for 1 day can’t miss the attractive snacks. Then you should immediately rent a bicycle and go along the roads like Nguyen Thai Hoc, Tran Phu … to experience the snacking culture of Hoi An people. Grilled rice paper, Banh Beo, Banh Da Lon, Tofu, and grilled meat on skewers… are all delicious dishes.

Banh Beo at Hoi An
Banh Beo
Banh Da Heo at Hoi An
Banh Da Heo
Tofu at Hoi An
Tofu at Hoi An
Banh Trang Nuong in Hoi An
Banh Trang Nuong in Hoi An

3. Afternoon: Water activities

3:00 – 5:00 pm: You move to visit Water activities

Coming to the Water activities forest tourist area, many tourists can’t help but be surprised, surprised, and extremely excited by the rows of nipa palm trees, mixed with low-roof houses typical of Vietnamese villages. There is nothing more interesting than rowing a basket boat on the canals, to enjoy the fresh air and clean nature.

Water activities at Hoi An
Water activities

3.1 Move a basket boat to visit and explore the whole island of Water activities

  • As the most convenient means of transportation in canals and canals, without using engines, only using a javelin to steer, so it does not affect the ecological environment, basket boating has been passed down from generation to generation by local fishermen. another life.
  • You find the movement of the basket boat very simple, but controlling it is an art problem that you should try once in your life.

 3.2 Enjoy the skillful fisherman’s Basket Boat Dance

  •  Nowhere is the “Basket Boat Dance” as diverse and unique as the seven-acre coconut forest resort.
  • No coach, no training. Fishermen here have invented a unique basket dance, attracting domestic and foreign tourists.
Basket Boat Dance at Water activities Hoi An
Basket Boat Dance

3.3 Fishing nets pulling fishing nets

The culture of catching fish by “pulling fishing nets” is skillfully demonstrated by fishermen, visitors can learn to follow and be quite surprised when your own hands are worth catching corrugated iron, crab, and fish from Thu Bon river tributary, Hoi An

For young people who love photography, it is possible to save unique moments with the job of “fishing” under the sunrise or sunset when the sun gradually descends the mountain…

3.4. Rock crab fishing in the coconut forest

For local fishermen in the 7-acre coconut forest, traditional crab fishing is a profession with a high income and full of hardships. But for tourists, fishing crabs are very easy to entertain when the basket boat moves around the ecological area.

The fishermen prepare fishing rods and bait with live shrimp, when the basket stops near the forest in the muddy area, you drop the fishing rod… after a few minutes, you can catch the lovely “mini” crabs, See it as a small gift of the trip…

pulling fishing nets at Hoi An
Pulling fishing nets

4. Evening: Walking around the city – having dinner – releasing lanterns – taking a boat trip on the Hoai River

5:20 -6:40 pm: Back to Hoi An to enjoy dinner, and Hoi An at night

When it starts to get dark, sunset gradually falls on the Hoai River, it is also the time when you should feel each distinct beauty of Hoi An. At this time, you can walk slowly through the roads, small bridges, or along the river and feel the transition between day and night, when the sunlight gradually fades and the houses and shops begin to climb. brightly colored lanterns.

Don’t forget to visit The Japanese Bridge – one of the ancient architectural and cultural works preserved and has become a feature of Hoi An ancient town.

The Japanese Bridge at Hoi An
The Japanese Bridge

In the evening, you should enjoy Cao Lau – a special dish, a special culinary culture of the old town. This is also a favorite dish of many tourists from all over the world when visiting Hoi An.

Cao Lau Hoi An
Cao Lau Hoi An

6:50 -7:30 pm: If your stomach is full, you often experience other interesting activities such as boating along the Hoai River, releasing lanterns, and enjoying the beauty of Hoi An at night. Colorful lanterns and old houses along the river will make you fall in love and don’t want to leave. Dropping the lanterns on the Thu Bon River is an interesting option to end a 1-day self-sufficient Hoi An tour.

releasing lanterns at hoi an
Releasing lanterns

You should also watch the show Hoi An Memories once to learn more interesting secrets of this city.

19:30 pm: Hoi An Memories Show

Address: 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Trai Left, Hoi An, Quang Nam

The show starts at: 20h00-21h00

Hoi An Memories is an outdoor art show with more than 500 actors participating. Divided into 5 performances telling about the historical periods of Hoi An.

Real scene Hoi An memories are told in many artistic languages such as Dance, Light, Sound, and Music combined with modern props and technology to create a spectacular, lively, and full performance. feeling.

In addition, visitors can come to Hoi An Impression Park from 5 pm to have interesting experiences and understand more about Hoi An culture before watching the Hoi An Memories show.

Hoi An Memories
Hoi An Memories
Hoi An Memories
Hoi An Memories
Hoi An Memories
Hoi An Memories
Hoi An Memories
Hoi An Memories