15 Vietnamese specialties to buy as gifts

Coming to Vietnam, you cannot miss 15 delicious specialties, suitable to buy as gifts such as pia cake, banh tet with green leaves, and dried snakehead fish,… Let’s find out now!

Pia cake

Pia cake originates from the West. The soft, flexible cakes have an orange-yellow crust combined with many different fillings such as durian, salted eggs, green beans, etc. The unique aroma makes it hard to forget as soon as you enjoy it. Today, Pia cake is very diverse and popularly sold everywhere.
You can easily choose to buy when traveling in Soc Trang or Saigon. With a shelf life of 30-40 days, you can rest assured of choosing this cake as a gift.

Grilled coconut cake

The unique grilled coconut cake of the Quang Nam people has caused a “fever” among foreign tourists. This strange flavor is made from simple ingredients including coconut, sugar, and malt, then grilled. Enjoy a piece of crispy coconut-flavored cake with a warm cup of tea to help you quickly forget all your stress. This is a suitable gift for your friends and family.

Cylindric glutinous rice cake

When you travel during Tet, banh tet with black leaves is a Southern specialty gift that you cannot miss. Banh tet has the characteristic purple color of camphor leaves combined with the soft, flexible taste and aroma of wrapped leaves. In particular, the meat filling in the middle is decorated with a very medium and creamy pink color. This specialty dish has a shelf life of 7 days, so please choose to buy it after the end of your trip.

Phuc Long Tea

As soon as you arrive in Saigon, you must immediately enjoy this attractive Phuc Long tea. Currently, Phuc Long stores are widely available in many places in Vietnam. You can easily find products in packages, boxes, canned tea, etc. This is a suitable gift to give to friends and relatives when you go on business trips to faraway places.

Roasted fresh cashews with salt

Salt-roasted fresh cashews have a crunchy and nutty flavor when enjoyed. These nuts are vacuum-packaged and have a maximum shelf life of one year. This is a snack containing high nutritional value suitable for giving to relatives or giving to partners.

Snakehead dry

Dried snakehead fish is a specialty with rich culinary flavor in the Southwest region. The fish meat fibers are seasoned with many spices such as salt, MSG, pepper, chili,… and dried in the sun for 4 to 5 days. The sweet and spicy taste makes it difficult for you to resist your taste buds. Because it can be preserved for quite a long time at normal temperature, this will be a delicious dish suitable for giving as a gift.

Beef dried in the sun

Sun-dried beef originates from the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. The main ingredient is beef marinated with a variety of spices such as chili pepper, green pepper, fish sauce,… then dried outside in the sun for a day. You will be surprised by the tender beef pieces with moderate salty and spicy taste. In particular, if you dip it with chili sauce and a few drops of lemon, this is the perfect combination for your taste buds. This gift is very meaningful for families gathering together during holidays and Tet.