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15 Experiences To Try When Coming To Hoi An

Walking around the old town at night, enjoying Cao Lau, sewing clothes right away, and cruising on the Hoai River in the evening… are unforgettable experiences when visiting the land that used to be “the most prosperous trading port in Southeast Asia” “. If one day you visit “world cultural heritage” Hoi An and do […]

How to spend one day in Hoi An Ancient Town?

Hoi An Ancient Town is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. Its buildings and its street plan reflect the influences, both indigenous and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique heritage site. I will not type so much about Hoi An, because […]

Feel the full beauty of heritage on the journey to Hoi An ancient town

Rustic, peaceful, and poetic are what most people feel when traveling to Hoi An ancient town. But not only that, but Hoi An also contains a lot of long-standing cultural values – the beauty that makes people live forever… 1. What’s special about Hoi An? – The beauty of an ancient city is intact Going […]

Discover 4 traditional Hoi An villages that you won’t want to miss

As experiential tourism becomes more and more popular, Hoi An is still an attractive destination with long-standing traditional craft villages. Join Lemon Basil to visit the 4 most popular traditional craft villages when checking in in Hoi An! Referring to check-in in Hoi An, tourists often mention the old town with small shops, restaurants, houses […]

Experience Hoi An Memories Show and Hoi An Impressive Cultural Park

Explore the ancient town and village with more than 400 years of history when you have the opportunity to come to Hoi An and Hoi An Impressionist Park and admire the golden and heroic time of Hoi An ancient town, the park is divided into sections. different areas, recreating the ancient culture and architecture of […]