Old features Are Not Old In The 8 Oldest And Most Famous Hoi An Ancient Houses

Hoi An ancient house has survived for many centuries with its original architectural beauty. Visiting the old houses, visitors feel like they are “returning” to the bustling commercial port of Hoai Pho in the past.

Hoi An is a “special city” because of the integrity of the hundred-year-old Hoi An ancient houses and the spirit of respecting the traditional culture of each local. That’s why I understand why Hoi An tourists compare this place to a “living relic”, having come and still wanting to come back many times.

1. Learn the architecture of Hoi An ancient house

1.1. Overall exterior of the old house in Hoi An

The most common type of house in Hoi An ancient town is the one or two-story tube house, narrow in width and very long in depth. Due to the harsh climate, frequent storms, and floods, the main materials used to build ancient houses here have the good bearing capacity and high durability.

The houses have a wooden frame structure, the two sides have brick walls separating them. The layout of the old townhouses in Hoi An includes trading space, living space, and worship space.

Roof tiles are made from earth, baked dry, with a thin square shape, a slightly curved shape. When the roof is finished, people fix the tiles with mortar. On the top, a high roof or gable wall is built, creating a unique impression of the architecture of Hoi An ancient town.

1.2. Impressions inside the design of Hoi An ancient house

As one of 25 Hoi An tourist attractions attracting many visitors, the old house has an impressive and unique design style.

The main house space is spaciously designed with 16 columns, 3 x 3 compartment structure. This is a space for commerce with a reasonable layout of shops, warehouses and churches.

The outbuilding space is often found in 2-story houses with a low height. This is an open space that connects to the street but is still separate from outside business activities, used as a place to receive guests of the owner.

Inside is the bridge and yard, divided vertically, with an independent structure.

2. Ancient houses in Hoi An – 8 most famous addresses

When traveling to Hoi An ancient town, please visit the hundreds of years old Hoi An ancient houses below to better understand the architectural style and cultural beauty of Hoai Pho in the past.

2.1. Tan Ky Ancient House in Hoi An

Address: 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh An ward, Hoi An city.

Tan Ky ancient house is 200 years old, built in the 18th century. The main material of the house is wood, with harmonious colors and textures. The two sides of the house are facing the street, in the middle is a courtyard to create cool and airy. As the first house in Hoi An to become a national heritage site, this place has welcomed many high-ranking delegations to visit.

2.2. Ancient Church of Tran Hoi An clan

Address: 21 Le Loi, Minh An ward, Hoi An city.

The Tran Hoi An Church is located in a garden with an area of ​​up to 1,500m2, surrounded by high walls and verdant trees. The house is influenced by Asian architecture with Chinese and Japanese styles. The structure of the house includes worship space and living space. Between the living room and the worship space is a threshold, reminding visitors when entering to bow their heads.

2.3. Phung Hung Ancient House in Hoi An

Address: 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Minh An ward, Hoi An city.

Phung Hung’s ancient house is more than 1 century old. In the past, this was a place to exchange and trade salt, silk, and seafood. Like the architecture of other Hoi An ancient houses, Phung Hung ancient house is a 2-story tube house, the front door connects to the back door. Hoi An Phung Hung’s ancient house style brings the architectural beauty of Vietnam, Japan, and China.

2.4. Duc An Ancient House in Hoi An

Address: 129 Tran Phu, Minh An ward, Hoi An city.

This ancient house has been around for 180 years, with Hoi An experiencing many events and ups and downs of history. Duc An ancient house has the main direction to the North, the floor is lined with large red square bricks. In the past, this place specialized in selling books, later turned into a traditional pharmacy. In particular, this old house is also a relic marking the revolutionary activities of Comrade Cao Hong Lanh. So, if you have the opportunity to travel to discover Hoi An culture, please visit this place.

2.5. Hoi An Quan Thang ancient house

Address: 77 Tran Phu, Minh An ward, Hoi An city.

This old house is 150 years old. The house is built in the Chinese architectural style, using mainly wood. The two sides of the house are adjacent to the road, convenient for trading. The courtyard of the house is decorated with Chinese ceramics and unique art paintings. The altar of Quan Thang’s ancient house is made of precious wood, meticulously carved.

2.6. Diep Dong Nguyen Ancient House in Hoi An

Address: 80 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh An ward, Hoi An city.

The ancient house of Hoi An Diep Dong Nguyen is likened to an antique museum because all the items inside have cultural and historical value. The house was built in the early 19th century, has 2 floors, with the architectural style of the interference of Vietnam – Japan – China.

In the past, the ancient house of Diep Dong Nguyen was a famous pharmacy, later expanded to sell more oil, books and silk. This place is also a museum of thousands of years old books. So, on the journey to check-in Hoi An ancient town, do not miss this old house!

2.7. Ancient house in Minh An ward

Address: Minh An Ward, Hoi An City.

The area of the old house is about 2km2, built around the XVI-XVIII centuries. The houses here are all painted in the same yellow color, lying close together in a long row. Although the houses are narrow in width but quite deep, there is a courtyard in the middle of the house, so it is very cool. The porch of each house is covered with slightly curved square tiles. When roofing tiles, there will be 1 row upside down and 1 row upside down for air circulation, creating a cool feeling in the summer and warm in the winter.

2.8. Thai Phien ancient house

Address: 104 Thai Phien, Minh An ward, Hoi An city.

Thai Phien ancient house is one of the most famous Hoi An ancient houses. Although it has been built for more than 250 years, this place still retains the original beauty. Coming here, visitors will admire the special architecture of the house with yin and yang tile roofs, intricately carved trusses,…

Besides, Thai Phien ancient house also sells many handmade products of the owner. Therefore, visitors visiting this place can buy silver items or lanterns as gifts.

3.Experience visiting Hoi An ancient house

When visiting Hoi An ancient house, visitors should note:

  • Choose modest, courteous and polite clothing;
  • Do not arbitrarily take items on display at places of interest;
  • Visitors to the ancient house are quite crowded, so you need to pay attention to keep your belongings;
  • Behave politely, walk lightly, speak softly, do not joke loudly, causing discomfort to people around;
  • There is a sense of keeping the old quarter’s general hygiene, not throwing garbage indiscriminately;
  • There is always a security force around the old town, so if there is a problem, you should talk to them.