Visitors coming to Da Nang in 2023 will certainly not be able to miss the DIFF International Fireworks Festival. After 2 years of epidemic, the festival will officially return this summer, along with many interesting events. Right now, let’s find out with Helio about the specific  Da Nang International Fireworks Calendar 2023 .

Referring to Da Nang, you will surely remember the fireworks festival, it is considered as a brand event of the city. Held every two years, the festival has attracted many domestic and international tourists to visit and admire. In order to help promote the image of the city to tourists from all over the world, stimulate domestic tourism.

Da Nang fireworks schedule every year

2008March 27 – 28Dance of Tien Sa
2009March 27 – 28Echoes of the Han River
2010March 27 – 28Legend of Han River
2011April 29 – 30Sparkling Han River 
2012April 29 – 30Colors of Da Nang
2013April 29 – 30Love Han River
2015 April 28 – 29Da Nang – a symphony of colors
2017April 29 – June 24Shine on Marble Mountains
2018April 30 – June 30Legend of the Bridges
2019June 1 – July 6Rivers tell stories

The closest year of the fireworks festival took place in 2019, because of the time of the epidemic, it was only held this year. Specifically, the 2023 International Fireworks Festival will take place in the summer, starting from June 2 to July 8, 2023.

Fireworks point in Da Nang

The location for the fireworks display is also the Song Han Port area as in previous years. With a grandstand of about 17,000 seats for visitors to watch the performances. The theme of the fireworks festival in 2023 will be “World Without Distance”.

This year the festival will have the participation of 8 teams in which Vietnam and 7 other countries will perform fireworks in 5 different nights. Each performance lasts from 20 to 22 minutes for each team according to the theme set out by the competition. This year’s Danang International Fireworks Festival promises to bring visitors memorable experiences this summer. With the investment in image as well as infrastructure, program content.

The latest updated schedule of fireworks in 2023

Specifically, this year’s fireworks competition will have the participation of teams from 7 countries Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Poland – England, Finland and the host country is Vietnam. Details of the 2023 fireworks schedule are as follows:

Estimated Fare

The estimated cost to implement the contest is about 150 billion VND. Besides the fireworks festival, there will be accompanying events, serving tourists to visit in Da Nang city that will take place on the two banks of the Han River. Along with other prominent places such as Bach Dang Street, My Khe Beach, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, … The festival will take place when the city changes its clothes and is splendid after long quiet days.

WHERE TO GO IN DA NANG in the evening?

Coming to Da Nang on the occasion of the International Fireworks Festival, in the evening, if you do not know where to go, please refer to the following places.

Helio Center

One of the largest entertainment centers in Da Nang, this is considered a nightlife paradise that visitors cannot ignore. Here you can enjoy a culinary paradise with hundreds of delicious dishes at  Helio night market. Not only that, there are also many special events every night, a beautiful check-in area for visitors to visit.

Besides, there is a children’s play area at Helio Kids for preschool children, with many unique and interesting rooms. Helio Play area with modern smooth game machines for players to hunt tickets to exchange gifts for themselves is very fun. This will be a great place for your evening schedule when you come to Da Nang.

Han River Cruise

In the evening, if visitors go to see the fireworks, they can buy tickets for a Han River cruise to both have a view of the city at night and admire the unique fireworks displays. It will be great if you can enjoy dinner on the yacht with your loved one and watch the fireworks display. In addition, in Da Nang, there are also many nightlife places for visitors to experience such as restaurants, bars, …

Above are detailed sharing about  Da Nang international fireworks schedule 2023 as well as related information that Helio wants to provide to you. Please save the information above to arrange a schedule to see Danang fireworks in the most reasonable way.